Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Maryland's Bravest

The smoke alarm in our new kitchen is a bit sensitive, and tends to go off if we have our oven on above 450 for more than a couple minutes. Paige hates it and starts crying anytime we turn on the oven. Anna's taking different approach. She's hoping to get certified soon, I think. She even makes her own siren sound as she rushes around the room.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Garden Party

Paige finally decided that she wanted to be a bee for Halloween this year. I think that the wings sealed the deal. That girl loves any excuse to wear a pair of wings. But, she sort of wanted to be a princess too. I asked her if maybe she wanted to be a queen bee, and she said no, but she did want to be a princess bee. So here is my little princess bee, ready for the ward trunk-or-treat:

The babies didn't have much of an opinion about what they wanted, and I had lots of leftover yellow felt, so they ended up as a butterfly and a sunflower.

In spite of only having one bee, all three scurried around the courtyard for a good ten minutes making buzzing sounds and looking for flowers. I had to trample several large mushrooms before my curious flower crawled into them.

The babies had sort of a love-hate relationship with their costumes. The things were fun to wear for a minute, but they couldn't see themselves, and got annoyed with the accessories pretty quick. I distracted them with cookies long enough for a few pictures.

Anna really wanted wings like Paige, but I thought I'd make her something less breakable. They worked as long as she was distracted, but the wrist straps bothered her, and the yellow markings are already starting to come off.
I think I might try making something like these for our dress-up box instead:

 I keep having to remind myself that real Halloween--and Paige's dress up day at school-- is next week. Is it really still October? Come on November, hurry up! I need all this candy out of my house. Sheesh.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Walk in the Park

Because Paige's preschool is down where we want to live in a month instead of where we live now, it's a half hour drive each way and not really gas/time effective to come back home in between. So most of the time I take these two wiggly girls to the park for a couple hours. They don't seem to mind too much.

They're getting really good at going down the slide.  Boo stays at the bottom until I hold her hand to walk back over to the stairs, cause crawling on wood chips is no fun.

Anna doesn't usually face-plant... Sometimes other moms come up to me and tell me that just watching me watch two little toddlers gives them anxiety. I don't really know how to respond to that.

Also, we enjoyed Conference last week, but I confess that I didn't get as much out of it as I did before I was a parent.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So Long, Summer

Paige has been solidly wired for several days now. She was awake and dressed over two hours early this morning, waking up her sisters with, "Today is my big day!!" Jeff and I both confessed to each other that we kind of felt the same way. Why?

Today was Paige's first day of pre-school!
It took some of the parents a long time to say goodbye, and while we were waiting to pick kids up, several moms confessed to crying on the way home, but I was mostly excited (and maybe a little jealous). I love school!

That said, I'm a little sad that summer is over. And these babies are going to miss the extra time playing with Paige every day. It's been a fun summer, albeit a quiet one. We played dress up just about every day. Anna always has a hat, necklace, bracelet, or shoe (singular) on.

Paige built these epic chalk drawings that took her several days,

and wore baby clothes when all her clothes were dirty. Those are not capris. Those are size 18 month pants which she now refuses to give back. The shirt is also 18 months

The babies discovered the joy of cooking (notice the tiara headband necklace),

as well as the joy of Rocky the rocking horse.

We played princesses in our castle,

and wrestled.

And took a lot of baths.  Anna loves fajitas.

Yep, summer was a lot of fun. But I think fall will be good too.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back to the Norm

I kept meaning to blog all about our recent adventures in Alaska and Utah right when we got home, but then we were jet-lagged, then sick, then I forgot, and when I finally remembered, I went looking for pictures and realized that we were having too much fun for too many pictures. Woops.

At any rate, here's the few that we took, along with several pilfered from family members! Brace yourself.

Alaska is so pretty, even at 2 am. Though I've decided that I appreciate it a lot more when it's not 2 am. Just a personal preference.
The landscape is mind-boggling. Glacial mountains to ocean mudflats in a few hours.
Fishing with Grandpa was a must. It was the one thing Paige talked about for weeks before we left. She enjoyed it until she realized that she couldn't bait the hook, or hold the pole, or dance in the boat. She wasn't too keen on eating her fish later either. We'll work on it.
Daddy had fun on his trip though! Salmon fishing is the best! Or so I'm told. I was napping during this trip. Napping is the best!

What a catch!
It was a bit gloomy on a couple of the days. Anna was less than thrilled, Paige borrowed Grandma's coat and still complained, but Boo managed to stay pretty chipper! That's my Emma!

Also, we saw a bear with a crooked nose.

On sunnier days we ran through fields of daisies and explored old mining towns.
This is one of the only pictures of us as a whole family. Take note, because it may not happen again.
As for the Utah portion of our trip, I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:
Babies everywhere! It was so much fun! The girls are pretty sad to be back in our boring home with just their boring parents for company. We're kind of sad to be back too. Oh well. Laundry is fun too, I guess.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Birthday Girls

It's been really rainy in Baltimore the last few weeks, and we've all been sick off and on. So, to raise our spirits, we thought we'd have a couple birthday parties!
First off, the littles:

Our crazy, wild Anna-mal. She's always into everything. Crawling, climbing, falling, wresting; she's fearless and ready for all of it.

Sweetie Emma-Boo. She's thoughtful, super cuddly, and remarkably patient.

Pants are optional, but dollies are a must.
 I love these two so much. I love the games of chase and wrestling that go on, and that they miss each other when one's missing. I love their chatter and messy faces. I love their constant smiles. Anna's silly antics and Emma's sweet cuddles. I love how proud of themselves they get when they do something clever. I still am taken aback that I have twins. Two babies. But I can't imagine being without either one. We'll definitely keep them.

As for this girl, she's an absolute loon and we love it!

She's super smart, and even though it is aggravating sometimes, I love that she has an opinion and knows how to express it. I love that she's always asking questions and finding connections. We've been talking about the water cycle a lot with the bad weather outside, and today she said, "Rain is when clouds go potty." We didn't quite know what to say. I love that she loves her sisters, and I love that she helps settle any tension in the house. I think we'll keep her too.

Happy Birthday, little girls! We love you.