Sunday, July 31, 2016


This is a few weeks late, but...we had a baby! Allow me to introduce Miss Brooke Noelle. She's an absolute doll. 

Labor was hard. I had a lot of Braxton Hicks, then three weeks ago, I went into labor just as we were going to bed. We went in to the hospital, they admitted us, and things were going well when they just...stopped. No more contractions, no progression. So they sent us home. 

I had contractions off and on for the next week, but it would back off any time we got close to calling the doctor. Friday morning, I woke up with harder contractions five minutes apart, but after two hours they slowed to every 10-15 minutes. Jeff stayed home just in case, but they just stayed 10-15 minutes apart all day. I couldn't sleep come evening, so I listened to podcasts and bounced on my exercise ball all night. By 5 am, they weren't any closer, but I was really hurting, so we called the doctor. He told us to come in when his office opened at 8 to check things out. I was dilated to an 8! He sent us straight to the hospital, walking out the door behind us.

Nurses and doctors met us at the door and started rushing around, slapping on bracelets, asking questions, and signing forms while putting in an IV and epidural. Baby was born less than two hours after we arrived.

The girls are obsessed. You could not find more enthusiastic big sisters. Not that Jeff and I blame them; we're pretty obsessed ourselves.

Two weeks old and snuggling her zebra. We sure love this girl.