Thursday, June 25, 2009

long time gone

for the last two months i've been working full time instead of part in the library, and sometimes things get kind of slow. lately i've been looking at some craft blogs in my spare time and i've learned a couple things (sometimes i learn a lot more in the summer than i do during school. at least, useful stuff.):

first off, my mom is way cooler than these people. she does crafty cute stuff that's actually practical. and she's an awesome boy scout. save your life, build you a fort, and make you dinner, she could.

second, being crafty is way fun, but kind of expensive if you don't have the stuff. we revamped my grandma's dresser this week. before it was a lovely olive green with bluebirds. three cans of spray paint later...

we still need to line the insides of the drawers, but it'll have to wait until we have more money. unless someone wants to donate some wicked awesome paper to the cause.

finally, it has nothing to do with craft blogs, but jeff flies out tonight for england. wish him luck and love, ya? peace out, all.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


look what we found
in the dark
from the park
he was brought to our home
we will call him clark

here's his model shot. he came with some flowers we bought today. a benevolent gift from the tulip fairy! jeff said that he was sent to us that we may learn a great lesson. so far we've learned:
-snails are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female organs. when they mate, they both become pregnant. some species can even reproduce asexually.
-snails' shells are very soft when they are born. they need calcium to harden it up, so they eat the egg they were in, as well as surrounding eggs. cannibals.
-for the same calcium need, commercial snail food has limestone in it.
-snails tongues have thousands of little hooks on them. to eat, they scrape their tongue along the leaf/fruit/limestone. for some reason it makes me think of an indian woman with a washboard.

anyway...that's clark. k, bye.