Saturday, April 2, 2016

Long Time, No Blog

Things have been relatively quiet on the home front lately. Well, not quiet (things are never quiet here), but uneventful. Or perhaps I'm just forgetful.  Either way, I looked back through my camera, and here are the highlights that I actually remembered to photograph.

Once upon a time, we had a blizzard and got three feet of snow in one day. This is what it looked like three days later after the snowplow finally came by and did nothing because it had nowhere to put the snow. Everyone came out to dig, and we talked to more of our neighbors than we had in the whole year and a half we've lived here.

 All the girls insisted on helping too, moving chunks of snow and ice across the street.

The girls are playing more interactive games together lately. They learned how to play Ring-Around-the-Rosie and it's adorable. 

After diaper changes one day, both girls wanted to dress themselves and they insisted I stay downstairs. A few minutes later, they came downstairs like this and declared, "We're ready for school!"

Everyone was sick on Easter weekend, so our egg hunt was postponed for a few days. They still loved it. Paige filled her quota too fast for me to get any pictures. Drat. Anna just doesn't sit still, and really wanted us to see how full her bucket was. 

Emma was the last to get sick, and was still a little under the weather. She was really excited for the eggs, but it was impossible to get a picture of her where she didn't look slightly homeless. Poor girl.

 Pretty much, I've given up on my kids looking decent or normal in pictures. I still love them though. The pictures, and the girls.

I really love this last picture. So. Much.