Friday, May 29, 2015


Emma had eye surgery today. I was a bit of a wreck, but Boo was a doctor's dream come true. We took a couple scrubbed-up selfies to help kill time waiting for the OR nurse.

Everything went perfectly. Now we just have to wait through recovery. When we got home, she bragged to Daddy about getting popsicles, and showed Anna her funny hospital socks. What a sweetheart.

And Now, We Feast!

We picked one of our carrots to see how big they'd gotten.
We're pretty much pros.

Meanwhile, Back on the Farm...

We were going to go to the zoo on Saturday to celebrate the little girls' birthday, but we realized last minute that it was Memorial Day Weekend in DC and the whole city would be a zoo. So instead we went to a nearby county park that's a restored 1930's-style farm.
We saw a calf,

and some goats, along with chickens, ducks, pigs, and sheep!

They also had a huge playground.

Paige even got to ring an old wind-up doorbell!

It was a good day. And, we still made it home for naps!
For the girls' actual birthday, I made an Elmo cake using a pan I'd found at a church exchange.

Emma ate three big pieces!

Anna was a little more dainty.

One of the presents they got was a little shopping cart, with pretend veggies and cake. You know, basic needs.

Daddy gave train rides in a cardboard box it came in.

Paige spend a good half hour pretended to be Rapunzel with the packing paper.

 Yep, it was a good day.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Taco Tuesday

Sunday night, I was complaining to Jeff about how busy the month of May was going to be. So I decided to make a pinata for Cinco de Mayo. I'm pretty sure that's how my logic went. At any rate, instead of putting Paige to bed, we raided the recycling bin for newspapers and whipped up some paper mache. Monday we added a second layer of mache and asked some friends if they wanted to join us for Cinco de Mayo.

A couple layers of spray paint and some googly-eyes later, we had:

Sr. Penguino!

 I was a little bit afraid that Paige wouldn't want to hit the penguin after we'd spent the day building and painting him, but she couldn't wait for her turn to take a swing at it. Candy still wins over sentimentality, I guess.
 We went youngest to oldest. Emma could barely lift the sword.

 Anna gave it a couple good swings, but no dice.

We probably should have had the boys go last. Trae broke it open when we still had the two oldest girls to go. Because it was a fast project for a group of littles, it was a pretty thin pinata. One more layer of paper would have been a nice addition.

Even so, it was a good day. Feliz Cinco de Mayo!