Thursday, July 29, 2010


we listen to a lot of NPR in the car when we go places, and one morning we woke up to paige sympathizing with the greek crisis. she's pretty cosmopolitan.

in light of this, jeff and i decided that she should probably have her little black dress. every girl should have one and, after all, she is already two months old. we're still working on getting her some business attire. i'm thinking pinstripes.

this one won't fit her for a while, but at least she has shoes to match. as long as they fit her at the same time. we'll see.

as for jeff and i, it's apricot season and we tried our hand using a fruit dehydrator. we now have a good number of apricot chips. mmmm yummy.

i'm a little sheepish about this last one. we call it the ghetto-mobile. jeff came home one day to the baby asleep and me puttering around in the garage with electrical tape, industrial clamps, and coat hangers. he started laughing, i looked at myself and realized--i'm turning into my father. jeff helped me make the paper pieces, though, and paige likes to look at it (when she's less asleep), so at least we're all nerds together.