Wednesday, September 3, 2014

So Long, Summer

Paige has been solidly wired for several days now. She was awake and dressed over two hours early this morning, waking up her sisters with, "Today is my big day!!" Jeff and I both confessed to each other that we kind of felt the same way. Why?

Today was Paige's first day of pre-school!
It took some of the parents a long time to say goodbye, and while we were waiting to pick kids up, several moms confessed to crying on the way home, but I was mostly excited (and maybe a little jealous). I love school!

That said, I'm a little sad that summer is over. And these babies are going to miss the extra time playing with Paige every day. It's been a fun summer, albeit a quiet one. We played dress up just about every day. Anna always has a hat, necklace, bracelet, or shoe (singular) on.

Paige built these epic chalk drawings that took her several days,

and wore baby clothes when all her clothes were dirty. Those are not capris. Those are size 18 month pants which she now refuses to give back. The shirt is also 18 months

The babies discovered the joy of cooking (notice the tiara headband necklace),

as well as the joy of Rocky the rocking horse.

We played princesses in our castle,

and wrestled.

And took a lot of baths.  Anna loves fajitas.

Yep, summer was a lot of fun. But I think fall will be good too.