Monday, November 9, 2015

Late Update

I meant to post these after going trick or treating, but got distracted and ate too much Halloween candy instead. It was a bad decision all around. At any rate, brace yourself for some adorable cheese.
I saw a shirt like this in the store, but it didn't come in Boo's size. So I bought some gold fabric paint and made my own. I love my Boo.

And ready to go trick-or-treating. They all demanded to be something with wings. So we did bugs again. One effect of living in townhouses is that trick-or-treating goes really fast. We didn't even make it halfway through the complex before their buckets were too full for them to carry.
They've been practicing their singing lately. It's adorable. They even sang along to the primary program last Sunday. 
They make me happy when skies are gray.