Sunday, August 25, 2013

Before School Starts

Realizing that summer is coming to an end, we've spent the last little while trying to get out a little bit before all our playmates are in school and the weather goes sour. Our activities include, but are not limited to...

The county fair!

 They had pig races and a petting zoo that were way fun. Paige's favorite was the cows. My favorite was this charming and valuable animal:
Yep. Charming is the first word I think of when I see a shaggy llama.

We also went to a water party, and to pick peaches at a local farm.

 The farm had this really cool slide that all the kids loved.
 Not pictured is our trip to the fabric store, which was a result of my own very poor judgement. For some reason I thought it would be a harmless, easy place to test taking all three kids out for a bit. And it might have been, except that we missed a nap because of our timing. Oops. Two screaming babies and a crying toddler do not a happy (or productive) trip make.

Luckily, these kids are pretty quick to forgive. And they're so smiley that they're easy to forgive too. Plus they put up with being dressed up in silly headbands. Jeff says she looks like chiquita banana baby.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spot the Difference

We get asked a lot if we can the twins apart, and over the last couple of months, we've found a couple little things. How many can you spot? (different outfits don't count, since those change a couple times a day.)

Da back a yo' head is ridiculus
Ready for the answers?

It's not just the angle, they really do have different head shapes.
In case you're curious now, here's a close-up of Anna's scar: are other pictures that I love this week:

I love that gummy smile!