Thursday, November 24, 2011

Better Late

In honor of Thanksgiving, I give you: Paige's Halloween costume! Happy holidays!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

In Lieu of Costume Pics

We realized after the fact that the only picture that we took of Paige (Piglet) on Halloween was at the Ancestry carnival photo booth thing, and those pictures haven't been posted to the company network yet. I would put her in her costume again, but she got some food on it, the lines were drawn in washable marker, and the ears have gone missing. So we'll just have to wait.

However, Mom finally decided it was time to take the knife to her pumpkins. She only grew three of them because they turned out to be...large. Paige gives me this face a lot. She must feel threatened by the squash that's four times her size.

Literally, four times. The pumpkin was over 70 pounds.

Grandma was pretty excited. Paige was too.

Of course, we had to take the opportunity to shoot some pictures of our little princess before going off to the ball, aka: fondue party at the Cooper's. We sure love this girl.