Thursday, July 28, 2011

Five, Four, Three, Two....

One of the reasons why we haven't blogged for a while is because we're in that awkward phase of moving where you feel like you should be doing something productive like packing, but you're using all the stuff that you have left to pack, so you end up watching movies instead.
Actually, we've been doing quite a bit lately, including going to Wicked, and out to tea, getting Indian food, going to the park...but we don't have any pictures because we're bad about that sometimes. By way of a last send-off, my friend took me out to get a fish pedicure, and she took a picture, so there's that, at least:

It was an odd experience.
Hopefully we'll get some final pictures in before we leave. For now though, you'll have to make do with an old picture of us eating sausage rolls. Sorry.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Cow Goes Vroom

As soon as Paige sees that we're actually going to get her in the morning instead of rolling over and pretending we can't hear her, she picks up Lovey-Bear, gives him a hug, and tosses him over the side. She looks over to make sure he made it, looks at us, and then points to go down too. Partners in crime are awake.

Jeff let Paige play with the cell phone the other morning and made the mistake of not watching her very closely. When I went to take the phone to the store later in the day, it was not to be found. Three hours later, we'd torn the house apart and still not found it. Jeff looked up how to email a text, and we played Marco Polo for a while until we found it in...the cereal box. Jeff leaves it on the floor when he eats sometimes and Paige will usually swoop in for the kill if we don't pay attention.

I was feeding Paige raisins, of which she is fond, and she very deliberately took one and hung it over the edge of her highchair to throw it overboard. Before I could say a word though, she cracked a smile and shook her head, saying, "Uh uh," and popping it in her mouth. Psych! This happens pretty often now.

Jeff went to put on his shoes yesterday and found a spoon in one. As he put on the other, he found a teething ring. My shoes were in the in box where we keep the vacuum, along with a stuffed koala.

Paige has been learning some little words and sounds lately. Somewhere along the line, she picked up that the car goes vroom, and the cow goes moo, which is what she has them say most of the time. But sometimes, we catch the cow driving down the road, the car chewing its cud and softly mooing in the pasture, and little Paige giggling to herself in the corner.