Sunday, August 15, 2010

mona lisa smile or otherwise

i love this little girl. she makes me laugh. we blessed her in church today while jeff's parents are in town for a wedding. it was a good day, and she was very well behaved.

even though she wasn't a big fan of all the attention.

she did buck up enough to give us a fashion shot. well hello, taylor...

the dress, by the way, was made by sue, who did a fantastic job. we're sad that we don't get to see any of the texas coopers before we leave. being poor stinks sometimes.

we all changed after we got home. the dress was too nice and too hot to wear for long in the august heat. the booties were made by my mom! and i made the headband because i couldn't find one that didn't either look like a garter, or have a flower the size of the baby's head.

here's the lot of us. what a happy family!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

laundry day

whenever i see clothes on a line, i want to take a picture, and lately, i've had several opportunities. though it provided a good platform, jeff wasn't lying when he said this. our dryer really did die. only, paige didn't get the memo. luckily she has the cutest clothes of the three of us.