Friday, December 25, 2009

no place like home for the holidays

i don't sleep well on Christmas eve. whether out of excitement or anxiety at the prospect of being beaten over the head with a pillow while someone sings "It's Christmas! Why aren't you awake?!" i still wake up at 5:30 Christmas morning and about once an hour after that, which gives me pretty wacky dreams. it doesn't help that when i finally do wake up and go upstairs, i'm prone to be greeted by equally wacky figures.

yes, in fact, that is my husband wearing pleather maternity pants. why, what does your family do for Christmas?

apparently, robert rode by a couple of cops during his morning jaunt on his new bike, spreading joy and cheer.

in other news, i got a mango and a kiwi in my stocking! and we got lots of fun games and gadgets and yummy food. and to hang out with jared and sue and company. and i'm pretty sure i took about four naps in my new sweater. i'm sure gonna miss this.