Saturday, January 25, 2014

Toes, Teeth, and Mountain Climbing

Paige and I decided to paint each others' nails while the babies napped. After applying the pink paint to my toes with minimal smears, she blew on them and looked at me sternly saying, "Now don't move until your toes are dry, okay? I'll be right back." She went into her room and while I sat on the stool blowing on my toes, Anna started to cry, so I went to calm her down before she woke Emma up. As I was tucking her back in I heard Paige go back into the kitchen and growl. "Ugh! I TOLD her not to go until her toes were dry and I came back!" She stomped back into her room and continued harrumphing until I came in and apologized for not listening.

We were making omelets, and Paige picked up one of the eggs very carefully and said, "One day, I'm going to take an egg and give it to a penguin so that it can be his baby!" That poor, sad, confused little chicken.

Everything magically turned into princesses today! Paige put on her fairy tutu and "poof!" the blinds were princesses! "Poof!" The TV was a princess. "Poof!" The babies are baby princesses! "Poof!" Daddy is a daddy-princess!...

Yesterday definitely won the weirdest-dinner-of-the-week award. I didn't feel like cooking much, so I started making some raspberry oatmeal. But, we needed a vegetable, right? I mean, it was dinner. nd what vegetable goes with oatmeal? Miso-sauted broccoli! Add to that the leftover cold pizza, and I could almost hear Tom Colicchio kicking me off TopChef for lack of cohesion. Oh well. At least Paige actually ate her food.

Emma's finally sitting and crawling! She's wobbly and slow. And her crawling is still army-style, but she's mobile! Emma also has her first tooth! A tiny bottom left one, with a second looking to be close behind.

Anna's the only one left toothless. She doesn't seem to mind though. She's too busy trying to climb the walls. She's an expert crawler now. Most obstacles (toys, clothes, her sisters) are no match for her dauntless curiosity. We've been blocking off the kitchen with a laundry basket, but she managed to crawl into it the other day. She's pulled herself into a standing position a couple times, but then she gets over-confident and lets go or tries to walk. She thinks she's pretty hot stuff.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Happy

Any time Anna is on the ground lately she bolts for the kitchen to watch the washing machine and to see what she can find on the floor to eat. Luckily, Grandma sent us an early Christmas present to match the one we'd borrowed. I think they like it.

 Paige loves her new puzzles and games, but I think that the biggest hits with this girl were the shoes and tutu. She's worn both every single day with whatever accessories she can find. She tells us that her prince is going to come to her house soon and take her out dancing. She also says that Tinkerbelle is her sister and all the fairies need to come stay at our house during winter so their wings don't freeze. Yeah, okay.

As for the rest of Christmas, Jeff and I got a crockpot, a haircutting kit, and a small set of Corelle dishes dishes. I was emptying the dishwasher yesterday, thinking about how much I love Corelle, and without thinking I told Jeff, "I testimony of these plates. They're the best ever." So there you go. 

Otherwise, we've been eating cheese and chocolate in copious amounts while we try to unearth our livingroom floor. 
Oh! We also went to see the lights at the DC temple. So pretty! Paige had fun, and the babies slept.

Happy Christmas!