Wednesday, May 16, 2012

From the Archives

People tell me every once in a while that Paige looks exactly like me. To me, Paige just looks like Paige, though I can pick out a feature or two that come from either me (nose) or Jeff (hairline). However, coming across this picture while scanning some old photos was a little startling:
For reference, this one was taken last week:

Because comparison is just that fun, here's Grandpa Cooper:
Grandma Cooper:
AND Grandpa Tucker:
What a bunch of cuties! No wonder we're related.

Did I just call my Father-in-Law a cutie?

Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring into Summer

When we last left our heroes, they were in the throws of the bipolar storm called Utah's springtime. A few days after the snowstorm noted in the previous post, the weather turned gorgeous and we had Easter celebrations outside in the yard. Despite the straight face, Paige loved the Cooper egg hunt in the orchard. Some days, a smile just doesn't happen.
Jeff's current favorite color is yellow, so Paige got a yellow Easter dress, crowned with forsythia from the backyard. And a lamby. She loves being a twirly princess when she's not watching or playing with trucks.
Then, the weather turned sour again, so we skipped town with some friends and spent the weekend in St. George! We were really sad to come back home.
(This was the favorite game for all children in the condo.) Since then, we've been enjoying the slightly more stable weather by going to the park (and taking pictures with the Coopers' new DSLR!)
By this time, I was just playing around with techniques that I've learned, but haven't used in...six years. Yikes, was high school really that long ago? I love looking at the differences in lighting.
I have camera envy.