Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shmile for the Camera

Guess who is 6-months-old! We wanted to document the occasion, since we're kind of amazed that we've all survived this long. Plus, Grandma Tucker sent the girls some super cute blankets that make good backgrounds!
This is what most of the pictures of this girl look like these day. Anna is too wiggly to catch right now.
And Emma usually walks a thin border between happy and upset.
These girls are so charming. They both are very well-tempered and smile a lot. For some reason though, even at this age, the camera seems to coax out the most fake, goofy, or over-the-top smiles possible.

Put the two of them together and you either get this

or this
This is the current favorite toy. They fight over the wipes bag almost as much as they fight over binkies.
And, like most all-girl photo shoots, somebody has to show a little leg. Scandalous!
 She's not even sorry. Punk. 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Not Quite, But Almost

Paige announce the other day that she learned how to wink. Mostly, it involves turning her head and blinking. It's pretty cute.
P.S.--I made that shirt!
Both girls are almost sitting up on their own. They'll wobble for a few seconds, then faceplant into their toes. Neither seem to mind very much. They both also can almost feed themselves! Emma's not quite as steady as Anna, but they'll both get a couple ounces in before getting distracted and dropping the bottle. Anna even fed herself most of a bottle after church the other day, saving me a half-hour of crying since Jeff wasn't home (they're too wiggly to feed simultaneously). I think she would have finished the bottle if a box hadn't been more interesting and she had to stop eating to wiggle over.

I can't remember how to turn it back when the camera auto-turns it.
Speaking of wiggling, these girls are movers. Anna especially has people to see and places to go. She rolls and wiggles her way around most of the living room. We had put a box in front of the futon because she would roll under it and kick the mattress. She army crawls a little bit, but hasn't figured out how to get up on her knees.
Emma, on the other hand, has decided that if she has to eat solid food, she'd rather do it herself, thank you. She tries to take the spoon, so I give her another one, but she gets frustrated when hers has no food on it.

If the spoon isn't accidentally dropped, the meal quickly turns into a sword fight, complete with (somewhat) witty banter. 

One thing we're trying out this year is a Thanksgiving tree. Every day we write down something we're thankful for on a leaf, then hang it on the tree. Paige seems to enjoy it, and it helps her practice writing and sounding out words. She wrote 'Mom' and 'Dad' all by herself! She can also write her name, though I couldn't find an example to show off. I'm super impressed