Thursday, April 23, 2009


i bought a flower packet the other day. i'm dying to be outside and play frisbee and garden a little bit. i'm trying to use it for motivation to pack and move faster, but it ends up just being distracting.

these are some of the cool things that i found looking up gardening flowers and herbs. i would have posted them earlier, but i was thinking about copying them. i think i'll do my own thing though.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

coming up for air

yesterday, we were at school at eight in the morning and i started working on rewriting four papers that were due. technically, we're not supposed to be assigned work over reading days, but he gave us back our papers on friday.
anyway, review sessions started at nine, ended at two, when my shift at work started. work ended at six, and we went to the parents' house for dinner. quick pizza and back to re-writing. i submitted four revised papers and two scholarship applications ten minutes before they were due (11:50pm) and we drove home. in the snow.
today i finished the programming part of my methods final. and i'm peer-reviewing four students' papers before i can go home, write a study guide for my 490 class and study for my methods test tomorrow. it's a little overwhelming.

i was talking to stephanie on sunday about ways to relieve stress. gardening was one thing we came up with, and it's stuck with me the last couple days. i was looking for cheap to free planters and i saw a lot of cool stuff. they make me want to go dig in the dirt, but i have to do my work. and the ground is covered in snow from last night. *sadness*