Wednesday, February 17, 2010

when i'm awesome

i like to collect ideas for when i have lots of time and money and patience and skills. and since our life is pretty boring and blogging is better than homework, i thought that i would share a couple of my favorites.

it'll be a while before we have a separate room for a baby, let alone one that we could paint, but here's my favorite nursery that i've seen. it makes me love sheep and apple green.

this might go in the nursery too. or in any other room in my dream house. except maybe the bathroom or pantry. weirdo.

aside from all the awesome clothes i'll be able to sew, i want to make toys and stuff for my kids. cause i loved dolls as a kid...hmmm...

i did love forts though. i still love forts.

i almost made breakfast for jeff on valentimes. but we slept in and the valentimes fairies left cupcakes and cookies and chocolate in the kitchen when i woke up. but one day i'll be cool and make pancakes on the weekends.
i like to eat shapes. i got a bucket of cookie cutters for my birthday a couple years ago. i love it.

i remember dad and mom would fold napkins for thanksgiving and it made me want to use napkins all the time.

i guess i'd better do my homework now. *sigh*

Sunday, February 7, 2010


i don't photograph well and it's always cold/we're busy, so belly pictures are always taken in a "last minute, no make-up, bad lighting and weird face but too tired to care" kind of way, the result being that all pregnant photos of me are pretty terrible. oh well.

also, i think i'm turning into a ravenous koala. i'm always starving and super tired. lesson learned though: pregnant women were not meant to live on beans and broccoli alone. neither baby or i were very happy that day.

gastrointestinal issues aside,baby's becoming quite the little helper. she often moves around and tickles me in the middle of class/church to help me stay awake, or stretches so i can't shave my legs and consequently take much less time to shower. she's even shown something of an interest in interpretive dance! what a good baby.