Saturday, March 15, 2014


Stop sucking on your sister's head! 

Sometimes I look over, and all I see is a little baby zombie apocalypse.

Maybe we should have nicknamed Emma 'Speedbump' instead. Sorry, Speedbump.

 At least they're crying in harmony. That's good.
"Helping" with the laundry

 If you two keep this up, I'm dressing you as shrieking eels for Halloween.

I just found a diaper under my pillow, and I have no idea how long it's been there.

I only found 7 diapers scattered around the floor, so not too bad, I guess.

Boo loves beans!

Stop banging on the table and growling at each other. This is dinner, not a shots competition!

Sneezing with a mouth full of food is bad news for both of us, baby.

Anna supports this message. And beans.
LaLa is going to Costco, because she has a membership card. She goes to Costco every day to eat cupcakes! 

Mommy, I had the best dream! You, Daddy, Anna, and Emma were sleeping all night!

I really miss the repair man. He's my friend, and so handsome.