Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back to the Norm

I kept meaning to blog all about our recent adventures in Alaska and Utah right when we got home, but then we were jet-lagged, then sick, then I forgot, and when I finally remembered, I went looking for pictures and realized that we were having too much fun for too many pictures. Woops.

At any rate, here's the few that we took, along with several pilfered from family members! Brace yourself.

Alaska is so pretty, even at 2 am. Though I've decided that I appreciate it a lot more when it's not 2 am. Just a personal preference.
The landscape is mind-boggling. Glacial mountains to ocean mudflats in a few hours.
Fishing with Grandpa was a must. It was the one thing Paige talked about for weeks before we left. She enjoyed it until she realized that she couldn't bait the hook, or hold the pole, or dance in the boat. She wasn't too keen on eating her fish later either. We'll work on it.
Daddy had fun on his trip though! Salmon fishing is the best! Or so I'm told. I was napping during this trip. Napping is the best!

What a catch!
It was a bit gloomy on a couple of the days. Anna was less than thrilled, Paige borrowed Grandma's coat and still complained, but Boo managed to stay pretty chipper! That's my Emma!

Also, we saw a bear with a crooked nose.

On sunnier days we ran through fields of daisies and explored old mining towns.
This is one of the only pictures of us as a whole family. Take note, because it may not happen again.
As for the Utah portion of our trip, I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:
Babies everywhere! It was so much fun! The girls are pretty sad to be back in our boring home with just their boring parents for company. We're kind of sad to be back too. Oh well. Laundry is fun too, I guess.