Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of School

We officially have a kindergartner on our hands! She's been so excited all week, trying on her backpack, patting her lunchbox, and telling everyone (including random people we'd walk past on the street) that she was going to start this week. There were definitely no tears from this one.

These two, on the other hand, were very distressed that Paige wasn't walking home with us. After a couple minutes of staring at each other and looking around, we decided the house was too quiet and got in the car to go shopping. We needed duct tape anyway. Of course we had to stop and smell the roses.

We came across a woolly bear caterpillar, and spent a long time watching it crawl.

I love seeing these two with their heads together. I love that they're best buddies, or as Anna said today, "best twins!"

Monday, August 10, 2015

Plain Ol' Summer

School starts in three weeks, so I was thinking I should probably post some of our summer pictures. In all honesty, I've been horrible about taking pictures. Mostly it's because our adventures are usually playing in the sandbox, going to the park, swimming at the local pool, or riding bikes with the neighbors. Plus, when we have bigger adventures, I've usually got my hands full just keeping track of everyone.

One of our main attractions this year has been our garden. The girls love watching, picking, and eating everything we grow, meager harvest notwithstanding. This is the whole of our carrot crop, minus several that little mouths ate fresh from the soil, dirt and all.

We started some cosmos in little windowsill pots this spring. Now they're taller than any of us with pretty purple blossoms!

I sewed a couple of back-buttoned rompers as jammies to keep the girls from undressing during naptime and bedtime. They're mostly functional, but I do love the old-timey feel to them. They make me feel like we should be on a farm. 
I promise these are the best pictures I could get of these two. 

 Really, Anna? That's the fakest smile I've ever seen.

We've spent a decent amount of time at the swimming pool, but the only picture I have is one from swimming lessons:

And after talking about it all summer, we finally made it down to the zoo. Not that we have many pictures to prove it, because...twin toddlers at the zoo.

We spent the longest time watching the elephants eat hay and play in the water. The little girls still love to talk about seeing the elephants at the zoo. They are pretty cool.

 This frog statue was one of the few that was in the shade, so we stopped for a photo op.

Some were happier than others to be sitting on the frog.
 I don't know what this face means.

And...that's our show! Thanks for watching. Now I'm off to sell my liver to pay for school supplies. Kindergarten is expensive.