Sunday, August 28, 2011

Picture This

I would say that we don't have any pictures because our SD card is not in the camera right now, but the truth of the matter is that we're really just bad at remembering to take pictures since we've been back, even though a lot of things have happened that would have been worth photographing (like, oh, my sister's wedding and the birth of my new nephew). At least those two biggies are covered on the other blogs, right?

So while a post with pictures would obviously be preferable, it could be a while before we got one of those, so just...imagine for second, kay?

Paige is becoming more and more of a toddler every day:

- Grandma Tucker gave her a little pink tutu and some plastic bracelets, which she's been wearing non-stop for the last week. She loves hats, glasses, necklaces, shoes, talking on the phone, and she's been stealing my hairbrush and headbands.

- She's talking up a storm. Her favorite word right now is "doggie". We're working on "please," but she doesn't think that one is as useful.

- She loves to explore and to disobey lately, and is increasingly independent, going up and down stairs and insisting on feeding herself. She has a baby-sized rocking chair in her room where she loves to sit, because she can do it herself and it's her size.

- The real kicker though is I was checking my email the other day and I looked over at Paige and she was reading Grandma Cooper's AP Calculus book...

We might have our hands full with this one.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Looks

The last couple weeks have been pretty busy, and though we're already back in the US, we thought we'd give you a few glances at our last week in London.

Paige was definitely ready to go. Or just loving additions to her jungle-gym.

We walked past this every day on the way to the store or the doctor or the library or anywhere, and every time it made me think, "Just to be on the street where you live..." I love window boxes, and especially loved them in London.

Ah, Cathedral Mansions. You were good to us. I'm glad that we've been added to the list of people that have lived there in its hundred years of existence.