Saturday, September 28, 2013

Drool Factory

Happy 4-months-old! They've both rolled over front-to-back and have some awesome head strength. They're so excited about it too, can't you tell?
Emma's in white, Anna in gray
 Yeah, guess who both started teething this week? We are not currently winning the happiest campers award. I've never more ardently wished for opposable toes.
Cabana Anna trying desperately to eat both hands at once--check out the interlocking fingers!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hip to be Squared

As of yesterday, I am once again, a perfect square! Yay 25! It was a good birthday. After doing some morning chores while the babies slept, Paige and I made banana muffins, and ate lunch while feeding the babies and watching Despicable Me. Paige is such a good helper lately.

 Jeff came home from school with pretty flowers, and a fun ice cream cookbook I'd checked out from the library a couple weeks ago called Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. We really liked the lemon cream ice cream, and lime cardamom frozen yogurt. We're thinking of trying the roasted strawberry and adding basil or balsamic vinegar into it. We're also interested in the salted caramel. For the record though, the chocolate curry ice cream is fun to try, but not one I'd crave.

After dinner, Paige came running up with these candles she'd made out of bristle blocks. What a sweetheart. I also got calls and presents from my family and my visiting teachers!

Plus, Jeff and these two girlies let me sleep in this morning. What a good birthday!