Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still No Camera

Sorry for the lack of pictures. We're working on it though, and hopefully it won't be too much longer. Till then, here's the week's highlights:

I'd been having a rough day with Paige not eating much, and I guess it was starting to rub off on her: when she spilled a handful of craisins on the floor, she dropped to her knees, sighed, and said, "Oh, Paige! No!"

Paige and I were in Walmart the other day. I pulled out a shirt and asked her if she thought it was cute. She locked eyes with me and very seriously responded, "No." She said that about pretty much everything else I showed her too. I thought she was just in a contrary mood, but as we passed the Valentines day stuff, she said, "Pretty! I like it!" Apparently, I just have bad taste.

I threw away one of my two pairs of England shoes yesterday. Both shoes were leaking water, there was a 1-inch hole in one of the toes, and I'd superglued the heels back on to keep them from flapping. It was time. Luckily, I found some red patent flats to replace them. I'm pretty excited.

Speaking of shoes, Paige got some baby flip-flops from Old Navy this week too (they were on sale). She wants to wear them everywhere. Morphing into my own parents, I tell her No, she has to wear real shoes in the snow or her feet will freeze. Sheesh, kids these days.

A friend of mine had her second baby boy a little over a week ago. I took Paige over for a playdate with Taylor, who is just younger than Paige, and I got to hold new little Zachary. It made me realize how much of a baby Paige isn't anymore. She walks, talks, dances, makes jokes, plays games, and has opinions. *sniff sniff* My baby is growing up.

Wow. Sorry for being so sappy. We now return you to your non-maternal programming...

We made mozzarella cheese yesterday! It's been our to-make list for a while, and I got Jeff all the materials for Christmas, so we set up the kitchen and made it happen. It turned out really well! We have not quite 2 pounds of cheese in our fridge, and tonight we're making margarita pizzas. Mmmmm.

Um... I think that's it from our little corner. Happy Sunday!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blast from the Past

One of the effects of living in London, where there is so so much history, was that Jeff and I had a running conversation about all the people who had lived in where we lived, shopped where we shopped, and saw everything we saw on a daily basis. Sometimes we'd imagine us living in that time period--sidestepping horses in the street, lighting coal in our fireplace, worrying through world wars, getting electricity installed, watching Princess Di's story unfold--it was a fun game.

The conversation had lulled since we'd been Stateside, but it came up again tonight as I was browsing web images of London and happened to come up on some photos from the 1940s. This one struck a peculiar cord.

It was the shop sign that caught me originally: 266 Ashley Trunk Store. Our flat address was 262, and was right next to Ashley Mansions.

The clincher though, is the windows. I know the view of those windows from both sides. The only difference is that the 1940's photo windows are flat 14's (far left middle in the modern photo) and we lived in flat 10 (far right middle in the modern). But the windows are the same. And I suddenly feel like the house next door got bombed.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The after-bath

There was a little girl
who had a little curl
right in the middle of her forehead,
and when she was good,
she was very very good,
but when she was bad,
she was horrid.

Things are pretty quiet over here...if you couldn't already tell.