Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Day

We've had a couple of really heavy snowstorms out here that shut a lot of things down for a couple days. Tuesday, we were supposed to have a check-up for the twins, but we got a call at 7 am saying that they were closing the office for the day and would call to reschedule later this week. School was cancelled as well, so after shutting our alarm off, Jeff and I went back to bed, dreaming that the babies would happen to sleep in absurdly late.

An hour later, we woke up to Paige running around the living room shouting, "Everybody! Wake up! It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" She jumped onto our bed and all sleeping was ended.

With no where else to go, we spent the day reading books,
(Okay, this is from last week when Jeff's dad got to come visit us for a couple days, but it's too cute not to share)
Playing dress up,

Eating (while playing with our toes),

And sometimes just sitting around.
Anna and Boo
It was a pretty good day.
I love my Boo
Anna is crazy wiggly lately, crawling after everyone and everything. For example:

When she gets tired of swimming across the floor, she takes breaks with her favorite blankie:


We were this close to spending Thanksgiving by ourselves in our apartment this year. Luckily, we remembered that Jeff's Uncle Dave and family live not too far away, and quickly invited ourselves over dinner. (Let's have a turkey dinner! You bring the turkey! All in favor?)

We also coerced them into coming out in the cold and taking a family picture of us! ...Manners are not always our strongest suite.

At any rate, they handled our 3-ring circus gracefully, and we had a very fun time. They even put on an ice show! Dry ice in apple juice is awesome, by the way, as is spending Thanksgiving with physics nerds. Ah, science! 

Paige had a grand time. She cried when we had to come home.