Friday, July 27, 2012

Pulling Her Own

We run a tight ship here on the USS Tucker, and with us leaving port soon, we've stressed to the crew that there will be no lollygagging. As you may remember from our last voyage, our newest mate has a history of being somewhat insubordinate:

However, we are pleased to report that she has since improved significantly:

Provided the mate continues to pull her own weight (all 24 pounds of it), we believe she now exhibits all qualifications and readiness for advancement from Poopy Officer 1st Class to Chief Potty Officer at the next port of call. Plus, the Captain and 1st Mate are getting tired of changing diapers

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Counting to 10 + 3.5 minutes of other stuff

The following video is four minutes long, which means those of you with a 21st century attention span probably won't make it through the whole thing.  No worries.  If you can't sit still through four minutes of my incredibly cute daughter being incredibly cute it just means you're modern; in no way does it imply that you're an awful human being.  This is really for Paige, who loves watching videos of herself.  Ecclesiastes tells us that 'all is vanity,' so I figure why fight it?

Paige has been learning to count over the last couple of months.  She nailed the whole 1-10 thing a while ago but she still hasn't quite learned that numbers correspond with things.  I got excited the other day because we had a small break-thru whilst counting some plastic cups she likes to play with.  Paige very patiently pointed at each one, assigned it one (and only one) number, and stopped upon reaching the last cup.  We did this together for about 10 minutes, but when I went to film she was only willing to do it once, and even then it was a half-effort.  Regardless, I kept the film rolling and captured three minutes of Paige being Paige - this is a very good example of her sense of play, which seems like a good thing to record for posterity.  So all you grandmas out there: enjoy four minutes of cuteness.  Everyone else, when you get bored after 30 seconds I found this great site you can go to: it's called 'youtube.'

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quoth the Paige

"Mommy, pea'ut butter is bad. Very bad. It dangerous. An' nummy."