Saturday, March 14, 2009


no, not me. i'm too old for that. gosh.
my friend kristy got engaged this semester. she and ashlee took our engagements, and today we switched it around. i got home and played with a couple of the pictures. and made up a fake announcement, because it's more fun than homework. i'm such a nerd.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

doing the do

though jeff's been complaining about his hair for a while, and saying that he'd be willing to let me cut it, it was conveniently an inconvenient time to do it whenever we were around a buzzer and scissors. after a lot of badgering, i finally got him to go under the knife this weekend.

we're both pretty happy with the results. so are jeff's socks.

Friday, March 6, 2009


school is vicious. and needy. and clingy for that matter. it makes for a love-hate relationship. i love going to class and learning new things, i even like homework, but it's such a time-consuming affair. i get to the point yesterday where i was reading and i would read a page and wake up five minutes later, even though i was interested in the story line. it made me sad at midnight to read the spark notes and go to bed (leaving the dishes and laundry still not done, but those never seem as pressing as homework even though they drive me crazy). books are so demanding. i could pass the class just from skimming the chapters fast and reading spark notes, but i want to learn it...
i was sitting in class today listening to a guest lecture, and i started thinking, "there's no way the year i have left is going to be enough for what i want, what i need to know." the natural conclusion then is grad school. fiends! tricked me into coming to college with the hopes of learning, sapping my time, money, and sink space. don't believe them when they say "it's just a four year degree." it's a vicious scholastic cycle and i can't get away. i want to say, "leave me alone and let me do my dishes!" but i know that mere suds won't satisfy me. i'm hooked.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

fast thinking

as always, things are really busy over here. but, we both got through our first set of midterms, so things should be a little cooler for a week or so. school is going well though. i really like my classes this semester and don't mind doing my homework, except that i get really tired sometimes. i'm pretty sure jeff is the same. we actually study a lot of the same material, so sometimes (lots of times) we get into discussions and debates that tend to be on the existential side. nietzche and marx are really fun. jeff's decided he's newton reincarnated. i think he's silly.

we also debate about babies. neither of us know anything, so it's lots of fun. mostly it's just what's silly to do with babies (jeff doesn't like baby headbands. i don't like baby girls looking like boys), what kind of silly things we'll do as parents, and all the things we'll do when we or our children are rich. then the babies in church start wailing in the ears of their exhausted parents, or we have an assignment that keeps us up really late, and we're glad we don't have kids. we can wait.

in the meantime, we agreed that this is a cute family photo. we hope to copy it one day.