Monday, April 21, 2014

The Latest Fashion

These kids are growing like weeds. We realized this week that we are one month away from having a 4-year-old and two 1-year-olds. Really? When did that happen?
Hi Emma!
Paige is working really hard on learning to read and write. I'm super impressed. She can write our whole family, plus a couple more words then asks how to write 'Grandma', but then says it's too long. We write little messages to each other on the board every day.

With all the growing going around, their clothes seem to be disappearing every day. Last count, Paige only had no skirts, and the babies only had two dresses. So we did some quick sewing, just in time for Easter.
Boo's standing up all by herself! It's kind of a big deal.

Tea parties are pretty common around here, and Grandma Cooper sent us some fun hats, so we tried to have a tea party in all our fancy new duds. We got a couple blurry shots before it degenerated into a hat-wresting competition.

Fun Fact: Easter hats look like sombreros if your angle is too low

Farmer Anna and her trusty rhino
Paige was really frustrated that no one was doing things properly. Sometimes being the oldest is hard.

On Saturday we went to a local Easter egg hunt, and Sunday Paige wore her new dress from Grandma Tucker. Paige refuses to keep clips in her hair.

And just in case you still need more cute pictures of these crazy kids: