Friday, February 21, 2014

While My Machine Gently Spins

Our washing machine broke last Friday; no spin cycle whatsoever, just sopping wet clothes. After an hour or so of taking apart the machine, putting it back together, and being peppered by Paige's questions, the repair man still couldn't get it to work. He said he'd do some research and be back, but they might have to replace it. Paige was elated that the repair man was coming back to play. Anna was sad no one was turning the machine on for her to watch. I was frustrated that I had several more days with growing piles of stinky laundry piles, and no clean clothes. Emma was happy that she didn't have to wear pants. I haven't asked ask how Jeff felt.

After trying this and trying that, they brought in a new machine today! Paige is sad the repair man is not coming back. Anna is sad the machine is a top-loader and she can't see anything. I've happily washed three loads of laundry already. Emma's still not wearing pants. Still not sure about Jeff.

Anyway, how about some pictures of us not doing laundry, eh?

We finally got a babygate. Striped jammies turn my babies into jailbirds.
Paige helped me make a simple friendship bracelet one day and she decided that she wanted to make more, so we made them for the playgroup Valentine's party. She signed all 15 of them herself. It was fun to see her excited to give them all out. 

Some days, we play a lot of dress-up.

Some days, we don't get dressed at all. 

It's really hard to get pictures of Boo lately. As soon as Anna sees the camera, she rushes over and tackles me. So most of the pictures look like this:

I love post-bath baby mohawks. Anna bumped into the entertainment center shortly after this photo and won herself a black eye to go with the cut on her forehead. Sometimes I have a hard time believing this little dare-devil is sweet Emma's twin sister.