Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Photos of the Week...and last week too.

Our old ward did a Broadway Review for Relief Society and asked Jeff if he would come back and sing a song from Phantom. We decided that he needed a mask. The teacup and paper butterflies just came along for the ride.
Shaving makes one feel so clean, upright and noble, one can't wait to finish and document the change.

Just making sure that Jeff and Paige earn their keep. No free lunch, right?

And my cute, happy baby in her new Easter dresses. Thank you, Grandma!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Slow Week

We meant to have posts this week for pi day and patty's day, but we didn't make our pie until yesterday, and our little leprechaun wasn't feeling overly photogenic yesterday.

So instead, I thought I would leave you with two reasons for why I love Sesame Street.

They also had Andrea Bocelli and Diana Krall. And Matt Lauer interviewing cookie monster. Awesome.

P.S--Do all babies sleep like this, or is Paige just lucky to inherit all our weird sleeping habits?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Tuesday!

Once upon a time, it was Shrove Tuesday, and a poor little housewife from Olney was making pancakes to use up the rest her eggs and sugar before Lent started. Absorbed in her task, she lost track of the time, and suddenly the bells sounding the Shrove service were ringing across the town.

A very pious woman, the poor little housewife rushed out the door and raced to church, frying pan and pancake still in hand.
Many years later, the housewife's act is commemorated throughout England by the eating of pancakes and the holding of pancake races, where members run around a track flipping a pancake, sometimes dressed as housewives.

Being pious people ourselves,albeit of a different faith, and wanting to engage with the local culture, Jeff and I decided to observe the day. We made pancakes and blueberry muffins for breakfast and went to watch the Parliamentary pancake races.

Parliament did not dress as housewives. But some of the runners were very intent on their pancake-flipping.

We still have eggs in the fridge, but my piety doesn't extend far enough to not eat eggs for the next month. I kind of like eggs. And milk.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sneaks Peak

I was taking off my sneakers the other day and the whole back half of my right shoe suddenly tore away from the sole. Both of them have had little tears for a while, but any shoe store we could walk to is waaay out of out price range, and I was putting off ordering shoes online in European sizes when I couldn't try them on. But I bit the bullet and my "eco sneaks" came today, I like them, and they fit!
Aside from being inexpensive, they're actually really cool shoes. They're are made with all organic and recycled materials--so the bottoms are made from car tires! I've always wanted shoes soled with tires! I'm super excited.

In other news, we went to the science museum a couple weeks ago to test out our new stroller our friend gave us, but forgot to write about it. The museum had some really cool displays on space (like the Apollo 10 command module!) and technology.
My favorite exhibit was on renewable fashion. The white dress is made out of spun sugarcane, and the sweater was made by a machine that takes a 3D body scan and then makes your clothes to fit you specifically!

Paige was so good the whole time! I think she was a fan. Yay, science!

P.S.--On our way home from the museum, we saw this in the window of a Swedish store. Instead of a rocking horse, your kid can ride a rocking yak!