Thursday, June 12, 2014

Birthday Girls

It's been really rainy in Baltimore the last few weeks, and we've all been sick off and on. So, to raise our spirits, we thought we'd have a couple birthday parties!
First off, the littles:

Our crazy, wild Anna-mal. She's always into everything. Crawling, climbing, falling, wresting; she's fearless and ready for all of it.

Sweetie Emma-Boo. She's thoughtful, super cuddly, and remarkably patient.

Pants are optional, but dollies are a must.
 I love these two so much. I love the games of chase and wrestling that go on, and that they miss each other when one's missing. I love their chatter and messy faces. I love their constant smiles. Anna's silly antics and Emma's sweet cuddles. I love how proud of themselves they get when they do something clever. I still am taken aback that I have twins. Two babies. But I can't imagine being without either one. We'll definitely keep them.

As for this girl, she's an absolute loon and we love it!

She's super smart, and even though it is aggravating sometimes, I love that she has an opinion and knows how to express it. I love that she's always asking questions and finding connections. We've been talking about the water cycle a lot with the bad weather outside, and today she said, "Rain is when clouds go potty." We didn't quite know what to say. I love that she loves her sisters, and I love that she helps settle any tension in the house. I think we'll keep her too.

Happy Birthday, little girls! We love you.