Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rain, Rain...

 We had a couple weeks in late April that were just lovely that spoiled us. We ate popsicles, went for bike rides, and planned out what flowers we'd plant in our garden.

But since May began, we've had nothing but rain and gloomy days. Occasionally we'll go out and splash in puddles, but our boots wind up soaked and usually need a couple days to dry out before they're comfortable enough to wear again.

*Sidenote: Anna's old jacket broke and we had to get her a new one. She kept saying she wanted it to be blue. She saw this Avengers jacket in the clearance section and got really excited. " Mom! It's blue with a star and an 'A' for Anna on it!" It was obviously meant to be hers.
In the meantime, we've had a few indoor picnics
and we've been working on our headstands! 
We've also been potty training! I'm not sure why, but headstands are an important part of the process. The first few days were pretty rough, but we're making progress! Here's hoping they're out of diapers before the next one is here and wearing them!
We found a friend on our front porch this morning! I thought one of the girls must have left a stick on the porch for a second. I realized it was a snake just in time to stop Anna from stepping on it. I pulled her behind me and shoo-ed it to where we could look at it a little more safely. 

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