Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cookie Cutter

There's a joke that talks about a blonde woman going to the doctor's, and when he tells her she's pregnant, she responds, "Is it mine?" Well, if I had any doubts about these two cupcakes I'm currently baking, it was removed by a couple headshots they got at the hospital today.

Baby A (the donor, if you're wondering) was wiggly and uncooperative, so we couldn't get an awesome shot, but you get the gist. I almost gasped though when I saw the pictures of Baby B:

I swear I already had that baby. See?

That mouth! That nose! They're my nose and mouth. I've always been partial to them. I hope the three other people that now also have them like em' too. They're apparently dominant traits.


  1. wow, those 3d pictures are way better than anything we ever got! It's nice to know that your babies are already cute! And yes, I have noticed before that Paige looks A LOT like you. I'm excited for you guys!

  2. Absolutely AMAZING! When Jay was in utero over 30 years ago, our neighbor, who is an x-ray tech, borrowed me to test out his brand new ultra sound machine. We were all so excited at the blurry, fuzzy images of the new technology. Things have come a long way. Your girls look gorgeous! All three of them.

  3. I love those adorable Tucker girls!